Things to consider in selecting the best cut throat razor

Things to consider in selecting the best cut throat razor

Sep 20
Things to consider in selecting the best cut throat razor

It’s only natural for men to shave every single day to make them look clean. Beards might appear to be eye-catching and mature but it may also mean uncleanliness. That’s why many men, particularly those who are working spend some time shaving their facial hair. Shaving facial hair can be done in various ways. Obtainable on the market are manual as well as automatic razors. For a closer shave as well as a smoother face, you could select a cut throat razor.

They say that shaving with the use of straight razor or cut throat razor makes you feel like a man. It’s more satisfying to use it while grooming your facial hair. Today, many men would like to go for electric as well as safety razors than the classic way of shaving with a straight razor. This is viewed as an old practice when it comes to shaving facial hair. No other kind of razor gives the same pleasant finish a cut throat razor will provide you. In spite of the presence of electric and safety razors, numerous men still choose to use straight razors today. When you select to use this kind of razor, you need extra care and practice to perfect your shaving skills. Precautions and right techniques in utilizing straight razors must be known so that you’ll not harm your skin. A cut throat razor has features which make it stand out from others and they are mentioned below.

Blade Sizes

You have to learn the strategy in shaving with the use of cut throat razor to make the most out of it. The sharpness of new cut throat razors can shave the toughest beard. You may use a bigger blade for more powerful and extreme shaving but it will be challenging to shave hair under your nose and below the ears. One kind of razor doesn’t always provide you with the most even shave. Small razors can give you a smoother look with no appearance of unshaved parts.

Type of Steel

You’ll find only a pair of straight razor producers. Even though there are shave-ready and restored vintage models, it is still best to use new razors. Choose a cut throat razor with good temper as it sharpens better compared to poorer quality steels. To check whether the blade is well-tempered, you need to catch the blade’s point under your thumb and slip it off instantly. When the blade doesn’t give a good clear ring, it was likely tempered unevenly.

Various Blade Tips

In terms of cut throat razors, you could select numerous tips of blades. Many choose the rounded and sharp tips. Pay attention when using sharp tips for it may cause bleeding if it digs point into your skin. These are great to use if you have mastered this art of shaving. For this reason, rounded tips are best to utilize because they are easier as well as safer to use. The tip is rounded and not sharpened in this type of blade tip.

You receive more from your cut throat razor. Using one hasn’t ever been this handy.

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